The Zing Network: YOUR online business presence!


As one of our affiliates, you’re partnered with one of the fastest growing and most popular e-commerce platforms on the Web today: the Zing Network. And we want you to think of all the sites within Zing as YOUR online business stores. Zing sites—such as,, and, for example—offer tens of thousands of products and services in a variety of categories from trusted sellers, merchants, and providers around the world. Astro Auctions, Pricebenders, and Eager Zebra Games offer members fun, excitement, and cool prizes. And ECommergy helps online entrepreneurs around the world become ecommerce pros and achieve success. All of this means that your online business has something for everyone!

Because Zing sites make up your own online business presence, when you buy products and services for yourself or others, you should ALWAYS shop your own stores (TripleClicks, Flexxity, Rewardical businesses, etc.) first!

If you owned a bakery, for example, you wouldn't be buying cinnamon rolls from the bakery down the street. If you owned an office supplies store, you wouldn't drive to a competitor's store to buy a stapler or paperclips. If you owned a landscaping service, you wouldn't hire a landscaper from another service.

It's the exact same thing as an SFI affiliate, especially when it comes to products you're ALREADY buying. Your Zing stores and service providers probably carry many products and offer most services you're ALREADY purchasing from a local business or freelancer. You should transfer those YOUR store!

Remember, we're not talking about spending extra money...just changing from where you're buying.

So what's in it for you? What benefit do you get out of buying from your own store?

For starters, your purchases at, from merchants listed at the search engine, at TripleClicks, etc. count toward satisfying your SFI Sales Quota required for Leveling Up in rank and opening new earning opportunities, perks, and benefits! You also earn Rewardical Tokens (RTs) with every purchase, redeemable for Bitcoin, gift cards, silver, and other goodies—even cash!

But it's goes much, much further than that. The fact is, SFI's success—and YOUR success as an SFI affiliate—is tied directly to the success of the Zing Network. And the more successful each Zing product and service site is, the more successful SFI's affiliates—and YOU—will be!

So...a popular and successful Zing Network means:

• Easier sponsoring of SFI affiliates
• Easier referrals of members
• More products & services
• Better prices
• Lower shipping costs
• and MORE...

...which ALL leads to larger affiliate commissions of course!

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