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1. Posts containing advertising, solicitation, or cross-solicitation of any kind are strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, posts containing personal contact information (SFI ID numbers, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, etc.), as well as URLs to SFI-related resources outside the SFI Affiliate Center NOT created and maintained by SFI Corporate (such as blogs, online videos, Webinars, training pages, and Websites created by Team Leaders/Sponsors, individual Affiliate Gateway pages, etc.) and links to Member and ECA-specific items and TConnect pages at TripleClicks.

2. The SFI Forum is not for "rants" or complaints. When you publicly tear down SFI and its programs, when you make declarations of perceived flaws, not only do you harm your own business but you also harm every other affiliate's business. Therefore, any such comments and/or posts WILL be removed. As expounded in SFI Rules of Success, "send praise down (and criticism up)." SFI is fully open to hearing and addressing your concerns and complaints, but the Forum is NOT the place for it.

3. The SFI Forum is not for questions about your account that can only be answered by Support. Remember, the Forum community is primarily made up of affiliates, who cannot access your account details. If you have a specific question concerning your account, submit a ticket instead of posting on the forum.

4. You may freely include links in posts for Zing Network sites (like sfimg.com and tripleclicks.com) provided the links being used do not violate rule #1. Links to general, outside resources (such as www.google.com, www.sba.com, www.usps.com, www.forbes.com, etc.) must be directly related to the thread and not in violation of rule #1.

5. Do not post disparaging comments or allegations directed at SFI, TripleClicks, Localvantia, Rewardicals, etc. or your fellow affiliates; and under no circumstances should you name names. We expect all our forum members to be civil and respectful to each other at all times. We're all here to work and accomplish great things together. So KEEP IT POSITIVE!

6. Do not post comments or engage in discussions regarding any contest in progress (such as Spin & Win and Time Machine) or the day's Biz Quiz questions and answers.

7. All posts must be related to SFI, its business opportunity, programs, or products. An exception is the "Just For Fun" area, where you may discuss friendly, non-business related topics OTHER than politics, religion, or other divisive topics.

8. Conversations at the SFI Forum among members of different SFI downlines must remain AT the Forum. Attempting to move conversations outside the Forum is not allowed.

9. Please do not post topics, questions, or concerns that have already been addressed at the Forum. Please review existing topics (or use the Forum Search) before posting. Answers to frequently asked questions/concerns are also available 24/7 at the Support Desk.

10. Avoid posting medical, legal, or psychological advice or other posts that could cause another harm physically, financially, or mentally.

11. When posting on the SFI Forum, you grant permission to other SFI affiliates to republish your post (for use in newsletters, e-mails, etc.) PROVIDED the post is attributed to you, the original author, by name. An exception (attribution not required) would be if the item is a letter (e.g. welcome letter) or other communication where naming the author would be confusing/inappropriate.

12. Copyright restrictions and fair use regulations prohibit content--including images, large portions of text, or entire articles (even with attribution)--created and posted on sites outside of SFI/TripleClicks to be posted to the Forum. Doing so may constitute copyright infringement that could have significant legal consequences for the affiliate and/or SFI.

13. Avoid typing in ALL CAPS or all bold. Others will translate this as yelling.

14. Do not post unrelated comments or questions in existing threads. If you have a non-related comment or question, start a new thread.

15. Do not post only to earn badges, cut and paste content copied from elsewhere on the Affiliate Center that does not add value or worthwhile commentary to the Forum, or submit posts that do not add to the conversation. When posting or replying to posts, make sure you have something to say. Posts that only say things like "Me too!" or "I agree" do nothing but clutter up threads and discussions. They invalidate the "Newest" index and they waste bandwidth and server space. Threads that turn into a series of no-value posts will be locked or deleted.

16. Campaigning for post "likes" is NOT allowed. Forum members should base their likes on the CONTENT of a post, NOT for a post's particular author. NOTE: the Like button (thumbs-up icon) will not appear on any posts of fewer than 25 words.

17. Use emoticons and other symbols to indicate the tone of your posts and communicate more effectively with other forum participants. Excessive use of emoticons, colors, styles, etc., however, is strongly discouraged.

18. With the exception of use within the My Country/My Region Sub-Forums, all posts must be submitted in ENGLISH.

Violations of any of these rules may result in bans from the Forum or suspension of your SFI affiliateship.

Special note: We reserve the right to edit all posts.

FORUM MEMBERS: Please help us keep the SFI Forum a positive and valuable resource for everyone by using, when needed, polite reminders of these rules (refer them to this page).


1. A great way to keep up on all the latest happenings is to regularly visit the NEWEST and NEW REPLIES indexes. Click the NEWEST tab and you'll be presented with the newest threads (and older threads with the newest posts). Click the NEW REPLIES tab to see all the threads you've opened with replies you haven't viewed.

2. When browsing various thread indexes, you'll see helpful icons beside each thread. These include icons to the left of the thread indicating regular threads, SFI Corporate threads, and threads started by Forum Gurus. Other, smaller icons appear to the right of the thread indicating sticky threads, "hot" threads, etc. Hover over these icons with your mouse for clarifying tooltips.

3. Keep your posts as concise as you can. Less is usually more. And always use paragraph breaks to make longer posts easier to read.

4. Like all posts (click the thumbs-up icon) that you feel are above average and/or have valuable content. Doing so makes the Forum more valuable for everyone by making it easy to spot the best posts/answers. At the same time, you'll be rewarding members of the forum for their good work. NOTE: the Like button (thumbs-up icon) will not appear on any posts of less than 25 words.

5. To quickly view all Forum posts by SFI President and founder, Gery Carson, click the By GC tab.

5. To thank, congratulate, or agree with an author's post, just click the appropriate button in that post instead:

6. To help determine the best answers for questions that have been posted, look for posts with a high number of likes (number shown beside thumbs-up icon). A highly-liked post (minimum 20 likes) will display a bronze star. Some posts may also have a "stamp of approval" from SFI Corporate (silver star), or from SFI President Gery Carson (gold star).

7. To identify potentially valuable threads to invest time in reading, look for threads started by SFI Corporate, Forum Gurus, or that have a high number of views and/or replies. To identify threads started by SFI Corporate or a Forum Guru, look for the special icons located in the left column of any thread index (such as Newest and New Replies). The number of views and replies are provided in the right column of all thread indexes.

8. If you are ranked among the top 200 Forum Gurus, your Forum homepage will include the "NO REPLIES" thread index tab. As a high ranking guru on the Forum, your posts are highly valuable. By using this index, you'll be presented with any and all threads that have been started but have not yet received any replies. Any assistance that you can provide on these threads is greatly appreciated!

9. Hover your mouse over certain links, symbols, and images for "tooltips." These brief blurbs will pop up to provide quick and handy clarifications and definitions.

10. On the Categories page, you may click the round images to go directly to that sub-forum's index of current threads.

Use the search field at the top of the Forum to quickly locate threads and posts containing specific keywords within all or specific categories.

To quickly move around the Forum, click the blue lightning bolt to the right of the GO! button. In the popup window, you can choose from a menu of links you can click to jump directly to your posts, your threads, specific regions/country forums, any Forum category and more. You can also jump to the top newest posts to post quick replies.

11. Want more details on a forum member? Just click their name to see their full Affiliate Snapshot, which includes all their SFI and TripleClicks badges and more.

12. On any index of threads, hover over the thread link or the author name link to view the text of the post without having to visit the thread or post.

13. When replying with a quote, make sure you don't click in the quote area of the editor window or your reply will look like it's part of the quote. If you inadvertently click in that area, you can extricate yourself by clicking at the bottom of the editor window.

14. At any index of threads, if the large thread icon on the left side is ORANGE, click it and you’ll be automatically taken to the point in the thread where you left off reading the last time. If the icon is gray, clicking it will take you to the first post of the thread.


Want to start a new thread? First, go to CATEGORIES and choose the appropriate category. Next, just click the "Start New Thread" button located in the top right corner of the index. Enter the appropriate title, tags (see Glossary below), and what you want to ask or say...and submit.

To reply to a thread, click the "Reply to this thread" button at the top of the forum page. To reply to a specific post, simply click the QUOTE button found within every post. IMPORTANT: If you want to make it clear that you're replying to a given post, use the QUOTE button. By using the QUOTE button, the text of what you're directly responding to will be included with your reply post. If you're not replying to a specific, individual post, but rather to the thread in general, that's the time to use the "Reply to this thread" button.


So that you may stay updated on forum activity for threads you start, you will automatically receive a notification on your Alerts page each time someone posts to your threads.

You may also subscribe to threads started by other forum members that you are interested in. You'll automatically receive notifications on your Alerts page each time someone posts on the threads you've subscribed to.

You may also sign up to be notified any time someone replies to one of your posts (poster must reply using the QUOTE button). You'll automatically receive notifications on your Alerts page each time someone replies to your post.

In addition to receiving forum notifications on your Alerts page, you may also choose to receive e-mails and/or SMS (text messages) to your mobile device. To access these options, click the "Edit Settings" link located wherever you subscribe/sign up for notifications and check the appropriate boxes.


Get started by simply submitting quality posts with valuable content and/or that provide assistance to other members of the forum community. Such posts will be be recognized by members of the Forum Guru Voting Panel.

As you accumulate votes from the panel, you'll enter the Forum Guru Leaderboard and you'll be assigned a leaderboard rank. Once you've reached the rank of 200 or better, you'll be officially recognized as a Forum Guru and your forum profile will sport the Forum Guru badge. IMPORTANT: You must have an account photo to be a Forum Guru.

Note: So that all affiliates have the opportunity to be recognized as Forum Gurus, points from the votes you receive will decrease 30% each month after one month. In other words, you can't just earn the title of Forum Guru and then stay there indefinitely without continuing to post and receive votes. To be recognized as a top Forum Guru, you must continue to be an active, posting member of the forum.


All forum posts may be moderated before or after posting. As a general rule, once you've proven yourself to be a "good citizen" of the forum (proven = 25 approved posts), your posts will appear immediately. Until you've proven yourself, however, any post you make will be subject to approval before it will appear on the forum. You can make this as quick as possible by strictly following the guidelines in the RULES section above and also abiding by the TIPS.

That said, depending on how many Moderators are on the job at the time of your post, approval could take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.

Why are approvals necessary? Unfortunately, many use public forums to spam, rant, and worse. Because we want the SFI Forum to always be a positive and friendly place, moderation is a necessary evil.

NOTE: Good citizens can go bad. That is, even if you've earned Good Citizen status, any post you make must still strictly abide by our rules and guidelines, and may be edited or removed at any time at the discretion of the forum's moderators. In such instances, you may receive a warning; be banned for days, weeks, or longer; or have your status set to "always must approve posts"--in which case none of your posts will appear until a moderator has approved them. To avoid this fate, always abide by our forum rules.


The SFI Forum is grouped and organized by various categories (also known as sub-forums), including SFI News, Marketing, Pricebenders, Eager Zebra, and many more. To view all available categories, see this index.

Under each Category, threads are started. Each thread consists of the post that started the thread and any additional reply posts that are added.

A post is a comment or reply to a thread.

Moderators (also known as Mods) are experienced SFI affiliates who have been appointed to moderate the SFI Forum. Moderators oversee all activity on the forum around the clock. Their mandate is to keep the forum a safe and positive place for all SFI Affiliates. They may approve, edit, and reject posts as necessary to uphold the forum rules (see above). Moderators can also issue warnings and ban members.

Forum Gurus are forum members who have reached the Forum Guru Leaderboard rank of 200 or better, as ranked by members of the Forum Guru Voting Panel.

So that all posts can be organized and searchable, you are asked to choose up to three "tags" whenever you start a new thread. These tags help identify the topic of the thread.

A thread can be locked by a Moderator so that no further posts can be added to the thread. Locking is generally used when the primary question or concern of a thread has been adequately addressed in the opinion of the Moderator.