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New Second Home CSAs - Why? in Miscellaneous #CSA

2 days ago

You are looking at the second home CSA program backwards. You're looking at it as the CSAs are a gift to YOU. This isn't the case... the truth is you are the gift to THEM. You are a PROVEN team leader and SFI is entrusting these abandoned affiliates with you. It's up to you... how great a gift are you going to be?

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Buying PSAs in Ask Gery #PSA

15 days ago

No, you can't purchase with rewardicals... You can only exchange.

To act as a purchase, you would first need to exchange for a gift certificate and then use the gift certificate to pay for the purchase.

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Buying PSAs in Ask Gery #PSA

15 days ago

In addition to exchanging directly for PSA at the Rewardical Exchange, you can also exchange for a TC gift certificate which can be used when you check out at TripleClicks.

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When do we start to receive our free CSAs? in Team Building #CSA #PSA #Team Building

16 days ago

Q: Who is eligible for the Step-It-Up September contest?
All SFI affiliates who joined SFI on or before September 12, 2018.

Don't know if this applies in your case (just a reminder).

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Tiebreaker no.3 for Pick the Bid in Astro Auctions? in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

about 1 month ago

What about if neither ever won Pick The Bid? That's all I can think of.

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Step-It-Up September Contest! Win 13,000 CSAs! in SFI News #Contests #CSA #Team Building

about 1 month ago

It's best to treat this as a one time offer.

This is a MAJOR incentive, and I doubt that it would be sustainable to repeat this offer. Even if it were possible to repeat, I wouldn't recommend it... because it would eliminate the urgency and many would sit back and wait for the next time.

1. Determine what you need to do to take the next step.
2. Have your downline do the same
3. Coordinate with your upline to make it happen
4. Carry the momentum into future months

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Why the Zebra?? in Ask Gery #Eager Zebra #Getting Started

about 1 month ago

From the announcement:

Why the name Eager Zebra?
There are actually lots of reasons why we chose the name, but most of all, we just think it’s a cool and fun name. And isn’t it hard not to smile when you think of such an animal? An enthusiastic, magically-striped go-getter!

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Gift Certificates in Miscellaneous #Rewardical

about 1 month ago

Gift certificates need to be for a minimum of $5.00. 600 Rt would only be $1.00 towards a gift certificate, you would need 3000 to exchange for a $5.00 gift certificate.

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Hit Tracking Results in Marketing

about 1 month ago

They opened the page, but for what ever reason they didn't complete the sign up. It happens... Nothing we can do except hope they come back and finish signing up.

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Cancellation of Bid in AA! in Suggestion Box #Astro Auctions

about 1 month ago

Hi Gery,
I don't know if it is by design or a glitch, but that is somewhat how it is now.

Once the flight is over all the TCredits are returned and all the winners and all the prizes won are posted on the flight log. EVERYTHING is known before we view the flight.

In my opinion, to maintain the excitement... the TCredits and winners shouldn't be posted on our own flight log until AFTER we view the flight.

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Astro Auctions in Suggestion Box #Astro Auctions #Contests

2 months ago

The top 20 are the ones who entered the 20 highest bids. The winner is the one with the highest entered bid.

If more than one person enters the same bid, the tie breakers are used to determine the winner.

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What is the true value of Rewardicals? in Getting Started #Rewardical #TCredits

2 months ago

If you look at the cash value of 77 Rewardicals (Donation, BitCoin, TC gift cert.), it comes to 13 cents.
I don't know anywhere else you can buy a TCredit for 13 cents outright.

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Stop Following Gone Affiliates in Miscellaneous

2 months ago

Hi Ray,

I don't know any quick way of doing it, but if you find one of their posts... you can unfollow them there by clicking the check mark next to there name.

If you search their name, you can probably find one of their posts. If you have a lot of them though, it may not be worth your time.

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DC -3x125 astro in Astro Auctions

2 months ago

You're mistaken Svend. In PriceBenders when the TCredit subscriptions were introduced they included CV and I thought they still did.

I don't know what the intentions are with Astro Auctions, maybe an oversight... but I think it should be easier to pay with Astro Auctions because they can build it into the reserve.

Here's a link to the TCredit subscription announcement:

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Astro Auction # 1059 in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions #Pricebenders #TCredits

2 months ago

Absolutely NOT

Isn't the whole idea of ANY auction whether it be a traditional auction, penny auction, silent auction or Astro Auctions... to create a competitive environment where people WILL overbid? Sure as a bidder we are always looking for deals, but from the auction house or seller those deals amount to a failed auction.

I really don't understand what the issue is, if some people are willing to overpay... why stop them?

We can't control what other people bid, but we can control what we bid. If you decide what YOU are wiling to pay and place that as your bid, how can you lose? If someone outbids you, you can choose to receive all of your TCredits back (less 1 minimum).

With the reserve price built in, it should be a sustainable platform and with more products and more participation there should be more bargains coming along soon as well.

Remember too, it's still new. When Ebay was first introduced, people were bidding hundreds of dollars for a half eaten sandwich.

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Filtering Genealogy for PSA's with confirmed registrations? in Ask Gery #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

2 months ago

Is this what you want?

1. Go to genealogy
2. Go to [Aff Mgr] tab
3. Second filter choose [Confirmed Registration] [=] [YES]
4. Click the + next to the second filter to open a third filter
5. Third filter choose [Generation] [=] [1]
6. Click [Filter] button

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EA rank by redeeming RTs for VPs in Team Building #TCredits #Team Building #VersaPoints

2 months ago

This would be a valid method of qualification, I'm not aware of any restrictions that would apply to the EA bonuses.

Is this your quote?

If not, could you provide a link to the source... because my understanding is you would still qualify for ALL EA bonuses including the 10 TCredits.

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Re-assigned PSAs and commissions? in Team Building #Compensation #PSA #Sponsor

3 months ago

I believe it's the sponsor at the end of the month that will recieve the direct commission. Regardless of whether the purchase was made before or after the reassignment was made.

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Proposing Builder Bundle To BTL Rank! in Suggestion Box #Leadership #PSA #Team Building

3 months ago

The VP that is awarded is based on the CV that is generated on the sale. So I'm sure a package could be created to earn more VP, but it will also increase the cost.

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Astro Auction Result sheet. in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

3 months ago

It's what the winning bid was for the auction.

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ASTRO Will Not Allow Me To Play! in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions #Contests

3 months ago

It will be interesting to see the cause and effect of these limits.

I can understand why some people want limits, but with Astro Auctions I don't really see the need (everyone's a winner).

Maybe I just don't understand the logic in telling a customer they can't come in because they have too much money to spend.

Seems like this may also increase the fueling time as more of the big bidders are locked out. It could lower the winning bid for the top bidders by locking out their primary competition. (Leaving them with more TCredits for their next eligible auction.)

It's never going to be that everyone is going to win the top prize with a single bid... so, bid to win... expect to lose and know that with Astro Actions, EVERYONE goes home a winner.

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How is the CV from PRM Purchases distributed? in Ask Gery #Compensation #Sales

3 months ago

Sorry Stephen , no authority here... pure conjecture.

I should have better qualified my statement with "I think" or "In my opinion". I usually do if I don't have a reference.

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How is the CV from PRM Purchases distributed? in Ask Gery #Compensation #Sales

3 months ago

Good catch Stephen.
The overrides would work just as if they were a PSA.

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Astro auction launching time confusion in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

3 months ago

The Amazon cards fill slower than the other products. It's probably because it's predominately SFI affiliates bidding so far and they have a greater interest in the other products. Once we get more non-affiliate zingers involved, they will probably load faster.

They may also come at a greater cost to SFI, so they hold more passengers. They won't launch until they are at full capacity.