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Ahmed Shamis S.


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New in SFI in Getting Started #Getting Started #Team Building #VersaPoints

4 hours ago

Hi Koki
Welcome to SFI and to the forum

You can continue reviewing launchpad lessons to get an understanding of how to work here.You can also review stream posts and forum posts for help.The key to making big money is by building your team , making sales ,growing your ranks.You get lots of benefits with high ranks.At first it might not be easy to make sales.You must learn and understand the knowledge that you receive to get started 👍

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How to become a real leader in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #PSA #Team Building

6 hours ago

Hi Snezana
Nice post
A good leader will always lead by example and will always help others in their team to reach to the top.

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"Should I stay or should I go"? in Team Building

18 hours ago

Hi Andja

I would recommend you to go bronze if you can because having higher ranks will be very beneficial for you.But this is something that you should decide.

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Less than 200VP Each Month - Growth or Failure? in Team Building #PSA #Team Building #VersaPoints

1 day ago

Hi Franklin

We must keep in mind that no one can push or force anyone to do something against their will to do it.As others have mentioned we must spend more time working with the workers.I have tried in the past to motivate non interested affiliates but end up getting no results from them.Promoting games and making sales is the important part here.

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Gold Team Leader (Not Pending) That Used Only Free Advertising... in Marketing #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

1 day ago

Hi Tommie K

This is very true.Without testing free advertising methods we cannot say free advertising will not work.Many affiliates just quit using free advertising as they cannot see results quick.

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Getting Vps & become EA quickly in Team Building #Compensation #Team Building #VersaPoints

1 day ago

Hi Benahmed
Thanks for your post
This will help all newbies get off to a good start
The fastest and easiest way to go EA i believe is through transfer buying

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Ghost Sign-ups in Team Building #Marketing #PSA #Sales

1 day ago

Hi James

No one knows whether the sign ups we receive are actually going to be active or not.So to prevent this problem we can try to get as many PSAs as we can either through advertising or purchasing them.I have bought 100 - 200 PSA in the past but i end up getting only 2-3 active ones and on some other purchases non active at all.

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Inactive CSA's, PSA's and PRM's from rewardical redemption in Team Building #CSA #PSA #Rewardical

1 day ago

Hi Cindy

Well this is something that depends on luck sometimes we get active members and other times inactive ones.So our job is to try to make them active.Some of them might not be active at present.But some will come back after 2 or 3 months.

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Does Country Of Origin Matter? in Team Building #Team Building

1 day ago

Hi Bulelwa

Do not worry the active or inactive part of affiliates is not related to their country of origin.As we all know almost all of our affiliates are inactive that we receive.They become inactive due to lots of reasons including not understanding how to use the program , lack of support , does not see results immediately and many more.I dont think CSAs are given to us based on country of origin.

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Query regarding E365 Monthly champion in Miscellaneous

2 days ago

Hi Keshav

Yes what i think is someone from your class might have used the back dating option to get more VP for November during backdating period.

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I won in the Astro Auctions! in Recognition #Astro Auctions #Rewardical

2 days ago

Congratulations keep it up 👍

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It's Time To Climb SFI's Mountain Of $uccess!!! in Inspiration/Testimonials #Marketing

2 days ago

Hi Bruce

At First it might look like its impossible to climb up the ladder of success but if we all work together we can all achieve success with SFI 👍

Regards Shamis

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Just ONE MORE request regarding AA "today" in Suggestion Box #Astro Auctions

2 days ago

Do you mean Junior auctions ? If you have more than 50 Tcredits you cannot participate for these auctions

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Just ONE MORE request regarding AA "today" in Suggestion Box #Astro Auctions

2 days ago

Dont worry sanjeev i do not think this will be a big issue.I have also seen this

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Key to Your SFI Business Success ! in Getting Started #Auto-Delivery #CSA #PSA

2 days ago

Hi Manohar

True success will not come within a day or two.It takes time and great efforts to achieve it.Upgrading your ranks , building your team wide and deep , making sales are fastest ways to grow your SFI business faster.Many affiliates just dont see the big picture and they leave when they do not see results immediately.

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Great opportunity... in Suggestion Box

2 days ago

Hi Vesna

True this is a wonderful opportunity to get them at this special prize many good PSAs are there .It helped me to get many VP as well for this month 🌟

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deduction of clue point in Hidden in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

2 days ago

Hi Dakshesh

Remember If at any time you guess wrong, you lose 50 Prize Points and one Clue…and when you run out of Clues, the game is over.

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Success In Marketing in Marketing #Marketing

2 days ago

Hi Randy

This is very true.Many new marketers make this big mistake and they fall back.Many of them just prefer to use the easy way to run their business instead of choosing the most appropriate way of doing it to produce results they need.

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Advertising is Key to grow our Business! in Marketing #Getting Started #Marketing #Sales

3 days ago

Hi Sampath

I agree with you.The key to making big money in SFI is through team building and making sales.I already know that it will not be easy at first to start making sales.We must learn and understand how to apply the knowledge that we receive to get started.

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Catalyst badge in Sales #Auto-Delivery #PSA #Sales

3 days ago

This will be a great motivation for all affiliates.Earning this badge will also indicate that you have an active team who is willing to work hard 👍

Regards Shamis

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Message alert in Suggestion Box #Getting Started

3 days ago

Hi Sonja

I think we already do have sound alert if an affiliate sends a message through chat if you are logged in.If you are not logged in you will not hear it.

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3 Daily Draw Wins in a Single Day in Recognition #Contests #Rewardical

3 days ago

Congratulations Bijesh 👍 thats great

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Congratulations E365 Champion Nico Grobler ! in Recognition

3 days ago

Congratulations E365 champion Nico Grobler you have done amazing work to achieve this award 👍 Never look back and continue your hard work towards success 👍 Sucess is only available for hard workers .Good Luck

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Are You Too Late????? in Getting Started #Getting Started

3 days ago

Start as soon as you can without any delay.Now will always be the perfect time to start.Later will never come.If we arrange to start later we then forget it.

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Badges For Accomplshments!!! in Marketing #Marketing

3 days ago

Hi Bruce

Thanks for another great post
True we must all celebrate for every success we get and describe how we achieved it to others so then others can duplicate what we have done and they too will become successful.