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Stay the Cause with zero performing members in Team Building #Team Building

4 days ago

When I began my SFI business in 2015 I also complained and thought How come nobody's doing the business. I believe this is a step one in realizing that I am a business owner. Many new Affiliates come in as only experienced employees rather than business owners.

With the training program at SFI is very obvious that you're going to learn a lot of new . It's an amazing program that Gery has put together here.

The one thing that I have found stopped my complaining was action. I dug in every day and I read, and I learned, and my knowledge grew. I teach my teams to do exactly this.

Two to five years is what they say it's going to take to build the SFI business if you are diligent. It can be done in this timeframe but you must master your diligence you must work at SFI every day.

So my answer to an affiliate who is mentioning or complaining about the lack of growth on his team it's read. Everyday take an action that you can teach your affiliate to take as well. Become a leader. Teach your affiliate to become a leader. Duplicate yourself. Every time I go back to this basic technique, my team grows.

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Reassigned Affiliates in Ask Gery

4 days ago


You have been given great advice already by Mister Carson.

Your sponsor line from your sponsor on up have all been online today. I recommend that you reach out and contact your sponsor if you have questions after you do your LaunchPad.

The number one most effective action you can take is to read.

Everyone on my team's receives help when they begin to collect their monthly VP. Daily you're able to go ahead and log in and collect 12 VP. When you do this it shows your upline that you are serious about your business. As one of your team leaders I am watching the behavior and I reward it.

My recommendation is to follow the advice given by Mr Carson. Do your Launchpad. When you are done with your lessons contact your sponsor if you're unclear if the next step. My doing Launchpad you should learn how the business works. SFI has a self-paced program for training put in place in the LaunchPad.

You learn a lot when you read. Readers are leaders.

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Thoughts of the Day! in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Team Building

about 1 month ago

P K R:

Preach it!! There is a serious life lesson here. Spend time doing things that bring you joy. Find people that challenge you in a good way, follow their way.

Being honest means you never have to try to recall what you said, you meant what you said and that shows!!

As you move from the darkness, you will notice there are people who are lighting the way you could go! Follow your active upline, it's called DUPLICATION!

I love your post. I encourage everyone to find a way to follow your advice,


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Are You Addicted To Using Smart Phone Too Much ??? in Marketing #Marketing

about 1 month ago


In many cases, in today's world, the smartphone is another tool.

I work on the road 12-18 days at a time as a trucker.

I use two smartphones and a tablet, as well as a laptop to stay on top of the business while out on the road.
At home, I use a desktop in addition to the above mentioned devices.

When I am working, I don't use the phone. When I am stopped, the smartphone is almost my best friend.

Here's to you!

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Where does everyone get the time? in Team Building #Leadership #Team Building

about 1 month ago


I spend 11-14 hours a day driving. This thing:

As well you can imagine, there is no doing SFI while I am rolling. I have to stop for a 30 minute break and a 10 hour break.

That is when I get stuff done. I got the job to raise capital so that I could invest while building SFI. I'm very eager for the day when I can toss the keys back to my employer!

That goal makes me get things done. Until I'm there, I got work to do!

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New Second Home CSAs - Why? in Miscellaneous #CSA

about 1 month ago

You are looking at the second home CSA program backwards. You're looking at it as the CSAs are a gift to YOU. This isn't the case... the truth is you are the gift to THEM. You are a PROVEN team leader and SFI is entrusting these abandoned affiliates with you. It's up to you... how great a gift are you going to be?

This is exactly how you should feel about your team, be the affiliate a PSA OR CSA.

Leaders create the perception that they are leaders by their actions. Be intentional.

Great answer, Tim!

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Who are happy with current developments in SFI??? in Compensation #Compensation #Leadership #TripleClicks

about 1 month ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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Congratulations E365 Champion Robert Taylor! in Recognition

about 1 month ago


We were just chatting about this!! Congratulations!!

It has been a direct pleasure to have you amongst my team! Some serious effort has been given for you to earn this contest, and a close one at that!

Stay steady in your role as a Team Leader. We are recruiting! The best is yet to come!

Be sure to celebrate this great achievement, you deserve it!


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If I remain an EA, will I lose any of my team? in Team Building #Team Building

about 1 month ago


I'm going to address commissions. You have been given great advice, nothing "wrong" with staying EA.

As you begin to study the SFI commissions program, one thing that should become very clear is that your commissions are based on CV. You have 2 Team Leaders who are creating CV. This means that you are getting a commission check.

If EVERYONE at SFI understood the commissions and CV and how they relate, it's my belief many more would make a commitment to at least reinvest the earnings they make until they have a viable team built up. This is one way to minimize your "investments" and capitalize on your earnings. I do this to leverage my team building expenses.

When I as a Team Leader begin to tell my teams HOW I am building my teams, they follow. I teach that they should study leaders at SFI to see how each leader chooses to build his or her business. I'll recommend you do the same.

So, my conclusion, while it does not create a "problem" that you do not earn BTL, it DOES create a "perception" that "average" is good. In business, I have found that being "average" can substantially slow your growth. I recommend that you push for STL. You are the ONLY barrier between EA and STL.

When you are ready, step out of your own way and succeed.

I wish many successes come your way!!

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They said to lead by example in Team Building #Leadership #Team Building

about 1 month ago



When you read a post that gives you advice, and then you TAKE the advice, and then the advice WORKS!, you are participating in a process called DUPLICATION. There are many many SFI leaders teaching this concept.

On the FORUM page, each of us has a + sign by our picture. Click on that sign to follow the Affiliate that brings you great advice. I follow many SFI Leaders. In fact, when I took their advice, I became one.

You can do this!

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Feeling overwhelmed with all the information in Getting Started #Getting Started

2 months ago


There is a massive amount of information on the SFI site. Best way to learn us to read.

That said, there are some key actions you can take to keep it simple.

1. There is no race. It's much better for you to take your time learning. Set yourself a time limit so you so not continue to be overwhelmed. I use my "down" time to let the information I have read sink in, and I mull over it. It just helps me consider the info better.

2. Keep it simple. Earn EA every month. When you have your EA status taken care of, then you can ease your mind and work on other projects like advertising or recruiting.

3. Set yourself simple goals. One perfect goal for the new affiliate is reading all tabs and processing the daily list.

4. Work on developing your reason WHY you want to be a successful SFI Affiliate. Write this down and post it everywhere so it keeps you on task.

5. Reward yourself for the small goal achievements. Always make winning worthwhile. It really is the journey that gives you the best reward.

Steady works best. Good luck!

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Keep Your Stride in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

2 months ago

Why do we see people who have been very active not continuing with daily activity?

We all learned when we first started SFI that the best way to progress and learn about the business is to READ. Just like teachers and doctors, we have to continue reading and when something new comes along, It allows you to make the most of the changes that are happening. Who knows you may decide you like some of these changes.

When we changed from T Credits to Rewardicals I think some people felt like they lost something. Think about what you can do with the rewardicals. Are you short VP to get the most entries into the Daily Drawing? No worries, you can spend 3 rewardicals and get a VP. That is just one of the things you can do with your rewardicals. Take the time to read all about rewardicals, encourage your teams to look at what they can do with them. Be excited about the changes, if you are your team will be too.

How can we get our teams excited again??

Eliminate negativity. If you are seeing negativity from people on your team, reach out. Ask them what is going on. Can you help? We all know that some people expect to join SFI and get rich quick, replacing a paycheck with income from SFI. If they have done the reading and being logging in every day they should have realized that this goal is unrealistic. This does not mean they can build up their business to have a comfortable income.

It just takes time. Time to invest and build up the team(s) below you. Time to read about all the exciting changes. Time to research all of the people on your team. Time to make sound business decisions.

Want success? Stay active. Do something everyday to build your business.

Build them up, Buttercup!

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High VP Legends...How? in Miscellaneous #VersaPoints

2 months ago


When I was learning, I studied Leaders. You can do this as well. You can follow leaders at the forum by clicking on the + sign by their name. (See the yellow highlighted portion of your picture below.)

www.sfimg.com/forum/thread?post_id=1524934#post-1524934 ---this post tells you how and why I earn so many VP at the beginning of each month.

There is no mystery. There IS a commitment.

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Once you have Prospects, the next question is... in Team Building #Astro Auctions #Localvantia #Team Building

2 months ago

This post is a prime example of why I follow you here at the FORUM. Thank you!!

The lesson here is critical. You MUST follow up when you get a new PSA. Make them feel welcome, warmly welcome.

The basics that you lay out here will create the momentum you also lead up to in your post.

My team will be reading a little blip referring them over to gather the wisdom you have deposited here today.

I'm thrilled you mentioned Astro Auctions. Great prizes for few T-Credits! New tool some are not using yet.

Thank you so much!!

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Lesson From Mistakes in Team Building #Team Building

2 months ago


I believe the best advice I can offer to your experience is this: Do it now, don't wait until the last week.

Every month, I do invest some income towards my team. I know I am going to do that, so I do it on the first day of the month. I have a PSA that also is in the practice of getting the VP and rank taken care of right away.

What this does is establish my month commitment, and free me up so that I can work with my affiliates and advertising campaigns.

The early bird gets the worm!!

I wish you well!!

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At the end of the month in Team Building

2 months ago


Congratulations!!! This is the team growth that I envision for my team!!

I wanted to take a moment to recognize you for being such a steadfast source of inspiration. I love looking forward to your posts. I learned the SFI business by studying the leaders. Yes, Mirjana, that means I studied you. What a remarkable three years you have had while I've been learning!

It's awesome to see your team resolve strong such as this, and a real testament to your leadership. I'll be sharing your post to my team. Thank you for being awesome!


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Expectations from Team Members Actions, compared to Team Leader Actions. in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

2 months ago


In truth, people follow a leader that is clear about his leadership in action.

In reality, you can have the 10 PRM you are talking about. I've never contacted my PRM team.

I suggest that you become intentional in your leadership and do all the daily activities as well as recruit and teach. People will follow such a leader.

Keep it simple.

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What can I do make those I am trying to sponsor become committed? in Team Building #Leadership #PSA

2 months ago


The advice I offer is from my experience. I really am very committed to building my business as fast and as solid as I can. You can bet I've pondered the same question you ask today.

You can spin your wheels trying to get others to participate. It likely will not be effective. Everyone in SFI as an affiliate will find their own reason, and their own style and will build (or not) their business the way that they see fit. It's critical to comprehend we are all affiliates running our own businesses.

After much needless angst worrying about my team affiliates and their chosen performances, I took some advice from a Forum post I read. I think it was from an affiliate that has left SFI to pursue other interests. He said, "Mind your own business."

From that day on, I didn't spend my time trying to get anyone to do anything. I DO spend my time recruiting, teaching, and encouraging those that are already interested.

What I discovered was that my time was much better put to use doing things that create movement and growth. In doing daily tasks, I find many of my team are inspired.

So, my advice is simple. Do the basics. Recruit. Teach. Your team will grow in size and develop their knowledge. Be immaculate in your leadership, they will follow.

Best of successes!

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After EA can I get any VersaPoints and TCredits? in Miscellaneous #TCredits #VersaPoints

3 months ago


You can get VP and T-credits anytime you like.

Our sales side, TripleClicks, offers a few different t-credit packages. You earn the valuable sales VP when you purchase or sell T-credit packs. You can also earn Rewardical tokens from sales or purchases.

In fact, as SFI is a MARKETING business, you will find that your business and rank will both grow as you either buy or sell T-credit packs.

Don't hold yourself or your business down. Make the commitment today to grow!

Much success to you.

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What is better to be BTL every month ? in Team Building #Leadership #Marketing #Team Building

3 months ago


I have both as a part of my auto-order. I like and use the T-Credits daily, and I am keen on building my team.

There is never a reason to not bring in PSA from multiple sources. The more the better!

I've read here that we don't really make leaders, we just find them. The more folks that you recruit, the better the chance of you recruiting a leader!

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I have produced a BTL as my down line in Getting Started

3 months ago

You can earn commissions from her as an EA.

Wht not earn STL this month? You stand to get a very nice share of CSA this month if you push yourself to the best rank you can earn.

You would also inspire your new BTL as well as your other PSA team.

That's what I'd do. Help yourself to financial freedom!

Best of success!

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Congratulations E365 Champion Ronald Erskine! in Recognition

3 months ago


What a pleasure it has been working with you over the last year.

Congratulations on your success in finishing your first year at the Lead of your peers.

Looking forward to many more reasons to celebrate your successes!


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High VP Legends...How? in Miscellaneous #VersaPoints

3 months ago


I am not up here because of accident. I'm also not up here because of intent to be on the leader list.

Three years ago, I found myself deeply frustrated because I felt my SFI business was growing too slowly. I HAD to find out how to better succeed.

I spent months following the words of the Leaders on the leader list. I read their affiliate profiles, I read what folks said about them. I read everything I could.

(I also logged in every day. Earned at least 20 VP every day. Recruiting became essential. Teaching was done.)

And here I am today, a leader being studied.

I thank Gery for the system, my teachers, the Leaders, for the inspiration.

I hope you stay hungry in your quest for knowledge and success.


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Opti-build reassignments in Team Building #Leadership #Sales #Team Building

3 months ago

Thank you, Adebisi. The coaching you give is sound advice for affiliates.

I'm truly not overly concerned that I'm not bringing in my share of PSA to the Opti-build program.

I am looking to get all my Team Leaders to opt in so that my entire team can benefit from the recruiting I do.

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new members can not sign up on my account in Team Building

3 months ago

If they are trying to sign up with SFI have them use this link - www.sfi4.com/XXXXXXXX.9999/FREE but fill in your SFI ID where the X's are and keep the .9999 so they get assigned to you. This information is available by going to the Reference section and clicking on Gateway List. If you go there it will show you this link with your ID in place of the X's and you will just have to add the .9999. You want to be sure you do not allow anyone else to use your personal SFI login. If you search ROS it will take you to the rules and regulations that govern the use of your personal SFI login. Awesome job recruiting, keep up the good work!